How are you handling COVID-19 scheduling?

Everyone is scrambling to find creative ways to cover lecture and clinical time during the COVID-19 situation. Please share how you are handling this! This blog and MCCSUN are great sources for networking and supporting each other in this challenging time!

6 thoughts on “How are you handling COVID-19 scheduling?

  1. Ryerson Virtual HealthCare Experiences
    Montgomery Simulation Resource Library
    Emergency Medicine Sim Cases
    ADInstruments free with requested access cases
    Nurse Tim Virtual Sim
    NLN ACES Cases
    The Sim Tech Scenarios


  2. There are several conference calls happening today and tomorrow to address clinical replacement strategies. Today is NLN at 2 and tomorrow is the MCSRC at 2 and a webinar through the Global Nursing Consortium ( I received an email from Shadow Health) at 1. Check your inboxes and if you need me to forward emails, I am happy to -simply reach out to me.


  3. The Maryland Clinical Simulation Resource Consortium is offering weekly forums to discuss current practice with regard to virtual simulation and clinical. This occurs Wednesdays from 4-5 p.m. eastern time. They also hold a journal club every other week on Thursdays from 4-5 p.m. eastern time to discuss current best practice with regard to virtual clinical and simulation. Please contact Jasline Moreno for details:


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